SpinzTV Kodi Build 2018- A Complete Installation Guide

SpinzTV Kodi Build is the old online streaming media, which one must use this once in a life at least. However, it is old but its gold to watch the movies online with many features. Many apps have come to the market but it never lost its value. The finest developer made it with a unique code and it becomes more popular and used among the family. Also, get to Know about Moviebox For PC.

Kodi Build Spinz Tv has a high Stable performance and a compatibility software. It requires only a small amount of your storage for its streaming, due to its compact size. We recommend you to have a clean install of the Spinz TV Kodi Build to enjoy the Stable performance of the Build. Before installing the Spinz Kodi Build, verify that you have saved all your Addons, media libraries, and existing files.

Below you can find the Complete Installation guide of Spinz Kodi Build step by step before that you can go through some of the features too.

SpinzTV Kodi Build

Favorite Kodi builds of all time for the online streaming Content. It becomes more popular for its design, stable performance, compatibility. Spinz TV Kodi uses Aeon design which is far most design which keeps the compact of the software and the streaming stable.

SpinzTV Kodi Build

Even though, it has many exciting tons of content in it, navigation in it so easy to handle. In simple words to say about the Spinz TV Kodi Build is faster than any builds due to its size. Design, features are far better of all online streaming builds and it has lightning speed.Let us see “How to Install Spinz TV Kodi Build?” with simple steps to follow.

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How to Install SpinzTV Kodi Build?

SpinzTV Kodi Build is the only stable source from the SpinzTV wizard. It has many collections of streaming content, but it never lost its stable performance and its speed. Here you can get clear information about the installation of SpinzTV Kodi builds to obtain the stable performance of the streaming on all the devices including the fire stick.

Best Addon containing tons of categories in it, everyone loves to use this addon to be on their device. Spinz Wizard attracts the people with its design features and power. Without delay, we will move into the Installation procedure. before that Just go through the Important note to be followed.Also, Get Moviebox for Windows Phone

Important Note:

To install the SpinzTV Kodi Builds, you have to enable the Third party installation. Because Kodi does not allow the unknown to install in it for its security. You need not worry about, it does not cause any harm. You need to enable the unknown sources from the system settings.

If you have already installed any Kodi Add-on, you would have turned on it by default. Those who are new to it. here is a simple guide to enable Third-Party Installation Guide.

Installation Guide to SpinzTV Wizard

Let see the Installation procedure Step by step below. Just follow the step for error-free installation.

Step1: Open the Kodi on your Device and Select Gear Icon at the top left Corner.

Step2: SpinzTV Kodi Add-onStep2: Selecting the Gear Icon, a list of the menu appears in that Select File Manager.

Step3: In File Manager, Select Add source from the list of the menu appears.

Step4: A pop-up Menu appears on the Screen. Click on the Highlighted Line <None>.

Step5: After selecting the menu, A pop-up menu appears to enter the Path or to browse the media location. Enter the Following link in it http://repo.stvmc.net/

Step6: Name the Media source as Spinz and Click Ok.

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Step7: Once you entered the details and clicked Ok. Then Return to the Home screen and select Add-ons.

Step8: In Add-ons, Click on the Open Box Icon at the top left.

Step9: A list of the menu appears, in that Select “Install from Zip File“.

Step10: Click On SpinzTV.

Step11: After selecting the file a new menu appears, in that select repository.SpinzTV.zip. For you, it may be labeled differently.

Step12: Wait for sometime, you will get a notification at the top right corner of the screen.

Step13: From the Add-ons menu, select “Install from repository“.

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Step14: select ” Program Add-ons“.

Step15: A list of Menu appears in that select ” SpinzTV”.

Step16:  Click Install and Wait for the notification in the top right Corner of the screen.

Step17: To Use SpinzTV Kodi Add-on, Just go to Add-ons–>Program Add-ons–>SpinzTV wizard.

Step18: Installation procedure is done. Enjoy watching the Spinz TV.

Reason to Install SpinzTV Kodi Build

Spinz TV Kodi Build is a very exciting app with bundles of content in it. It surprises many of them with its features, design, and a lot of collection. Spinz TV Wizard supports us to enjoy the HD services with a Paid Subscription. You can never neglect it for it live streaming sports programming. Let’s go through some major concepts of the Spinz TV Kodi Builds.


  • Easy Navigation: easy to navigate through categories.
  • Catalog: It has a huge variety of top rated movies.
  • If you miss a movie but you love to watch, you can get here.

TV Shows

Shows which are becoming more popular than movies, People showing more interest in it. Tv shows have a variety of content in their episode, with character acting. That’s why Spinz TV Kodi Build has a wide variety of almost all the channels in it with a highly stable performance.


Sports, you can never ever neglect SpinzTV for it live sports streaming. It shows the exact live match without any delay. It has many categories, with the live sports match which is clearly organized into a different section.

How to Fix SpinzTV Wizard Error  and SpinzTV Not Working

Some them will face some issue while installing the Spinz TV pro or SpinzTV Wizard. SpinzTV will not cause any problem once it’s installed perfectly on your device. Most of the Face the issues like SpinzTV Wizard error, Spinztv not working, Spinz tv wizard won’t install, can’t install spinzTV, spinzTV Kodi error. Don’t Worry it is a Simple Steps to follow to Clear all your problem. just follow the below Steps.Also, Get Moviebox Not Working.

Continue from the installation Procedure from Step17

Step17: To Use SpinzTV Kodi Add-on, Just go to Add-ons–>Program Add-ons–>SpinzTV wizard.

Step18: Select the SpinzTV Wizard.

Step19: A list of the menu appears in that select the Builds.

Step20: A Pop-Up menu appears on the screen asking for a Pin From http://www.stvmc.net/pin/.

Step21: Visit the Site and generate the pin and enter it on the screen.

Step22: After entering the pin, you can select any SpinzTV Build your choice.

Step23: In the Menu, You can go for the Fresh Install.

Step24: A Pop-up menu appears on the screen, for restore default option. Click OK.

Step25: It takes some time to download and install the SpinzTV.

Step26: After Installation, Restart the Kodi and start using Spinz TV Kodi Build.

Well Done!!!!!! Installation is done. Now all your issue will be cleared. You can enjoy using the SpinzTV Kodi Build on KODI.

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SpinzTV Kodi build is the good add-on and a memorable friend. I want to watch a video it comes to the mind with a design of it. It never fails to the user with the performance and features. once you used the Addon you will never regret it.

I Hope Cleared all your doubt and presented a clear guide about the SpinzTV Wizard or SpinzTV Kodi Builds. If you have any problem or doubt regarding the Spinz TV wizard just comment Below. If you like it and helped, just feel free to share it.

Thank You For Reading……

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