Zem TV Kodi Add-on: A Complete Installation Guide

Zem TV Kodi Add-on: Once you started a search for the best Kodi add-ons, you will get hundreds of them seems to be the best. Most users confuse between the “Best Addon” and claiming to be the best add-on. Among the Kodi add-on, Zem Kodi Addon is the best one- a real deal.

This add-on is a great treat for the rare TV channels of online streaming platforms. The best part of the Zem TV Kodi Add-on, it has a collection of the rare channels. It also accommodates the sports genre, Movie, and also caters channel. Also, Get Moviebox for PC.

If you are searching for the best online streaming channel, then you are in the right Place. Zem Tv Kodi Add-on is the best of it. Here, you can find the Zem TV Kodi Add-on, a Complete installation guide for Free.

Also, You get the answer to the questions like “How to Install Zem TV Kodi Add-on?“.”How to Fix Zem TV?“.”How to download Zem TV“. You can find the answer to all the question in your mind and the installation Procedure below Step by Step.

Zem TV Kodi Add-on

The Zem TV is an excellent addon on Kodi, especially for sports. It also consists of all the genres, but it is the best add-on for the sports. Addon has a lot of fans all over the world for Indian sports, considering the other channels from UK and US.

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Zem TV Kodi Add-on has a rich content of live channels from India and Pakistan like political shows, sports, dramas and a wide selection of movies. It also has a tremendous selection list of sports channel from Soccer, basketball, golf to cricket.

How to Install Zem TV Kodi Add-on?

Let’s know about the installation of Zem TV Kodi Add-on step by step. To install the Zem Kodi Addon, You will need a repository.  Add the SuperRepo Repository to the media sources and then install its repo from the ” Install from Zip File” Option.

After Installing the repo, just browse in the Kodil repository and select the Zem TV Kodi Add-on and install it. These are the simple work to follow below you can find the detailed step by step instruction to install it. Also, Get Moviebox App

Important Note:

To install the Zem TV Kodi Add-on, you have to enable the Third party installation. Because Kodi does not allow the unknown to install in it for its security. You need not worry about, it does not cause any harm. You need to enable the unknown sources from the system settings.

If you have already installed any Kodi Add-on, you would have turned on it by default. Those who are new to it. here is a simple guide to enable Third-Party Installation Guide.

Zem TV Kodi Add-on Installation Guide

Let see the Installation procedure Step by step below. Just follow the step for error-free installation.

Step1: Open the Kodi on your Device and Select Gear Icon at the top left Corner.

Zem TV Kodi Add-onStep2: Selecting the Gear Icon, a list of the menu appears in that Select File Manager.

Step3: In File Manager, Select Add source from the list of the menu appears.

Step4: A pop-up Menu appears on the Screen. Click on the Highlighted Line <None>.

Step5: After selecting the menu, A pop-up menu appears to enter the Path or to browse the media location. Enter the Following link in it http://srp.nu

Step6: Name the Media source as SuperRepo and Click Ok.

Step7: Once you entered the details and clicked Ok. Then Return to the Home screen and select Add-ons.

Step8: In Add-ons, Click on the Open Box Icon at the top left.

Step9: A list of the menu appears, in that Select “Install from Zip File“.

Step10: Click On SuperRepo.

Step11: After selecting the file a new menu appears, in that select superRepo.zip. For you, it may be labeled differently.

Step12: Wait for sometime, you will get a notification at the top right corner of the screen.

Step13: From the Add-ons menu, select “Install from repository”.

Step14: A Menu Appears, in that Select SuperRepo repository.

Step15: Select Video Add-ons. You can select Any Add-ons on the list.

Step16: A list appears, select Zemtv.com

Step17: Click Install and Wait for the notification in the top right Corner of the screen.

Step18: To Use Zem TV Kodi Add-on, Just go to Add-ons–>video Add-ons–>Zem TV.

Step19: Installation procedure is done. Enjoy watching the Zem TV.

Reason to Install Zem TV Kodi Add-on

Let see what are the reason to install Zem TV Add-on. Most of them expect the reason to install an Add-on, it must be valid. Zem add-on is most recommended for Indian, Punjabi, And Pakistani. It has a huge variety that delivers even the Live sports event.

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Picture and videos quality will be clear and High definition. You get all the movies, a sports channel and picture quality on the HD(High Definition).It is meant for its High Definition Content.

Zem Kodi TV has a Multiple Categories, but it is easy to search and select your particular event or channel. Directories have HD content of all the videos, show, event and filled with the Sports and cinema.

It is meant for it Stable Performance compared to the other Add-ons. Online streaming from any category will run smoothly without any interruption even in HD. Because its gets update to latest version.

Zem TV Kodi Not Working – How to fix Zem TV?

Some of them will have have a problem with “Zem TV Kodi Not Working”, “Zem Tv Cannot Install”. Don’t Worry here you can find the Solution for it. Also, get to know about Moviebox Not working.

In Kodi, Some of the repositories have the latest version of the Zem Kodi. Due to some reason, Zem TV has removed some of the repositories. If your TV not working just follow the below Steps.

Step1: Go to the FTP Mirror site in your Browser. Mirror Directory.

Step2: Scroll down to the bottom and download the file to the latest version(plugin.video.ZemTV-Shani-6.7.0.zip).

Step3: Save the file to your desired location.

Step4: Open Kodi and select ” Add-ons “.

Step5: In Add-ons, Click on the Open Box Icon at the top left.

Step6: A list of the menu appears, in that Select “Install from Zip File“.

Step7: Select the file you downloaded and click Ok.

Step8: Wait for sometime, you will get a notification at the top right corner of the screen.

Step9: Once installation completed, Zem TV will be available on your Add-ons menu.

These steps will clear all your problem in Zem Add-on, Enjoy Watching the Zem.


Hope that you got the answer to the questions like “How to Install Zem TV Kodi Add-on?“.”How to Fix Zem TV?“.”How to download Zem TV“. Zem TV Kodi add-on is the Best add-on among the other Add-on. It has a huge community with a cinema, sports, drama, TV show content from India, Pakistan, and Punjab. Also, Get to know about Moviebox for iPhone.

Do you have any question about it? just feel free to comment below. We will respond to you immediately. If you find this Guide useful, then it might also use some of your friends. Just Share with them.

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